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Outside The Box

Making the best wines we can



For us it is not about ticking an obvious box. Of being organic or biodynamic, interventionist or non-interventionist winemakers. Instead for us it is about taking the best learnings from all areas of the winemaking and viticultural process and applying them to make the best wines we possibly can. 

Sourcing special parcels allows us the opportunity to just ‘guide’ (rather than force) the fruit through the winemaking process. Allowing the wines to do what they would naturally like to do, when they want to do it. A wild primary fermentation, or a spring malo for example. 

You may wonder why we have chosen cork? For years we have been trialing corks vs screw caps vs diam vs sugar cane corks and so on. Every time we tasted wines blind we found the wine under cork to be a little softer in the palate, by this we mean warmer and more appealing. However, the problem was always that the wine may become tainted with TCA.  

The Novum wines have been bottled using the new Amorim NDTech corks. These cork's has been produced using a new form of quality control technology which allows Amorim to provide a a non-detectable TCA guarantee on these corks i.e. no cork taint. We are one of the first wineries in New Zealand to use this new generation cork.