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Novum presents a new way of bringing lovers of fine wine and some of Marlborough’s best vineyards together.

Join us on the journey.



Our winegrower update

Its Winter

This week we have been down on our hands and knees pruning our new Syrah vines for the first time, Will is much faster than I. I tend to spend a lot of time gazing at the hills around us while trying to cut and hold my hot coffee to stop my fingers from going num in the cold air.  

Most people don’t prune on their knees. It is just that we decided with our Syrah project early on to try and grow the best fruit possible. Part of this includes our decision to lower the fruiting wire to 500 mm off the ground (rather than the normal 1 metre). By doing this the fruit would benefit more from any radiating heat off the ground late summer as the fruit ripens. But this week, in the middle of winter when we were down on our knees in the frost, it would be fair to say that we were (slightly) regretting our choices. 

But when I look back down a row that has just been pruned and I can see that the vines are all set up correctly - pulled up straight on the same side of the wire I feel a great deal of satisfaction…not to mention a very sore back!

Cheers, Will and Rach


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Novum Pinot Noir 2016
95 Points

Beautifully expressive and refined with sleek black cherry and blackberry fruit. It’s rich and seductive but also has freshness and detail. Great structure and harmony too. There’s some black fruit richness but also lovely red fruit crunch. Such a textural wine with real interest and detail, with opulence but also some seriousness.
— Jamie Goode – UK


Novum deserves to be on every wine lovers radar
— Bob Campbell

Novum Pinot Noir 2016
5 Stars

The great value 2016 vintage (5*) was launched in late 2017 under the brand Novum (Latin for ‘new’). Grown exclusively at “hillside organic” sites – including Churton, Yarram and Ashmore/Settlement – it is a deep ruby, highly fragrant red, mouth-filling, savoury and silky-textured, with generous, ripe cherry, plum, spice and nut flavours, showing excellent complexity and harmony. Already delicious, it should be at its best 2019+.
— Michael Cooper