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About Us

The Novum Story



Both of us have been lucky to have been mentored by some really clever and special people. We feel like we have been passed from gentle hand to gentle hand as we have worked our way from study to vintage worker to winegrower. While Novum encompasses all that we have learned in the past it is really about what we can deliver going forward. Our desire is to find opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise have access too; to find small pockets of really good grapes (of any variety), then make many and varied wines that you would feel confident about sharing with friends. We want to keep you informed as we push boundaries with new ideas that will in time shape the future of Novum.

As new vintages roll by we too would like to continue being challenged and excited by wine. Our hope is that you will benefit from this too.

Welcome to our journey!

William Hoare & Rachel Jackson-Hoare