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The Vineyards

Sourcing the best fruit



In winemaking it would be true to say… that great fruit makes great wine. Therefore, being able to source consistently ripe, concentrated fruit (from vintage to vintage) is key. We are now in the fortunate position of being able to source fruit from our own family vineyards as well as from some very special friends, allowing us to produce for Novum some unique wines.

We have been lucky to work with fruit harvested from some great vineyards over the years and have learnt where the best sites are. Most wineries will harvest entire blocks at a time, but we have learnt that the best fruit usually comes from just a small pocket of a good vineyard, due to soil type, microclimate etc. It might be just a few rows, the eastern side of a slope, or a rocky swale running through a vineyard site. Pinpointing these pockets takes additional time, but in our experience it is these tiny parcels of fruit that produce the most intense and interesting wines.